Delivering a quality concierge service with integrity that respects privacy & anonymity, Chrissy’s client base reciprocates their appreciation by their ongoing patronage.

Being new to an area is always a bit challenging, but Chrissy helped us navigate the Byron community with ease.
She helped guide us to the right people and services we needed without having to spend the time vetting and researching.
Our experience in Byron has been overwhelming positive thanks to Chrissy.

Andrew Maltin

US Client

Chrissy Caplice is, quite simply, the BEST person to work with. Here at Bay Grocer, we regularly put hampers and shopping lists together for Chrissy and you can feel the attention to detail and care she has for her clients in her brief to us. She is professional and attentive with a big smile and the most excellent sense of humour to boot. It’s a good day when Chrissy Caplice walks through the door. Could not recommend her more highly!

Sarah and Jeremy

Bay Grocer, Byron Bay

We were incredibly grateful to friends for our introduction to Chrissy Caplice when we finished building our house in Byron. Living most of the time in Melbourne, it is such peace of mind knowing that Chrissy is there to look after our Byron home when we’re not there. Chrissy’s attention to detail is second to none – she understands innately what we need and everything is always completed to the highest possible standards. Chrissy has helped us with so many things from chefs to cleaners to babysitters. She is invaluable and we love her!!

Elizabeth and David Briskin


Every time I work with Chrissy, I know that the job will be completed (perfectly and effortlessly) with grace and the utmost care.

No matter what curve ball I throw her, she always finds a solution in a timely manner. Who else are you going to call at the 11th hour (literally) – and be met with the friendliest attitude!

Beyond her professional scope, she is a well loved and admired community member of Byron.

Tory Bauer

Creative Consultant, Byron Bay

My family has know Chrissy Caplice for almost 15 years now. When we first started coming to the Byron area Chrissy was handling a few special homes, and we were lucky to be introduced to her.  Chrissy found us the perfect situation, which we took at least two months a year for over a decade.

Chrissy is  completely in tune with, and knowledgeable of, the people and places i

n and around the area, and respected by all.   She made Byron another home for us by Introducing our family to the many offerings, experiences, and beauty of the area.

I live in Aspen, Colorado and have wonderful help, including a fabulous property manager, but nothing has ever compared to the energy and meticulous care that Chrissy puts into every day.  She will never let you down, and does everything with thoughtfulness and sensitivity to each situation.

One year we had our daughter’s wedding there, and simply could have never achieved such a glorious happy event – which was about 5 days full –  without her knowledge, calming organization, and attention to detail.  It was a family memory that will never be forgotten.

You could not deal with anyone more informed, mindful, ethical, and quite simply, fabulous.

Dale Goodman

US Client


You are an amazing woman, the heart and soul of the Resort alongside John and Lyn.

You have been a pleasure to know and learn from with your incredible ability for compassion and empathy.

Much Love and Best Wishes Gen XXX

Genevieve Taubman

Managing Director & Co-Founder, Mint Partners

Ohhh Chrissy,

You would undoubtedly be one of the most professional, approachable, enjoyable, Guest Relation Managers I have worked with, in 25 years at Show Group.

It’s been truly a pleasure and hope our paths cross again, in the future.

Take care, Enjoy every minute… I wish you the Best, always!

Karen Smith

Account Manager Music and Entertainment, Show Group Travel

Dear Chrissy,

What a wonderful service you have provided over the last decade and a bit!!! You are one in a trillion and I wish you all the very best for your future, knowing it will be glorious.

Thanks for all the care you showed towards our team and our artists. It has always been a pleasure dealing with you.

Nadja Konietzko

Bluesfest Artist Liaison & Travel Manager, Byron Bay Bluesfest

Chrissy is truly one of the best people to know in Byron Bay! Not only is she an exceptional personal Concierge, but an amazing human being. Chrissy cares about people and helping them have the best experience possible whether visiting or living in the area. Its rare to find someone who cares as much about your own well-being and happiness as she does. She is super connected, knowledgable, professional, honest, responsive and caring.  I highly recommend utilising her services and just connecting with her!

DayNa Decker

US Client

Chrissy Caplice is one of the most genuine, passionate and caring individuals in the Australian Premium hospitality industry. Her role as Guest Relations Manager at The Byron at Byron Resort and Spa over the past decade has been a huge asset to the resort building its reputation for impeccable service and she has contributed greatly to its repeat business. Her calmness under pressure and professionalism in dealing with discerning and difficult clients is exemplary. She is the ultimate personal concierge for anyone seeking a high end, authentic Byron Bay immersion experience.

Pedro O’Connor

Director, Australian Inbound, Epic Private Journeys


It is often said that an individual is only as good as their team. This could not ring more true for Chrissy Caplice and her exquisite, full-service concierge business. With Chrissy Caplice Concierge you are the client but you are also a member of the Byron family, you are made to feel like cherished friends and ultimately – and most importantly – you are part of a team that is dedicated to superior service and unmatched results. Working with Chrissy Caplice Concierge means you are in the hands of a world-renowned, seasoned concierges and event planners who are thoughtful, meticulous in their attention to details, creative, forward-thinking and authentic. The team’s local knowledge of Byron Bay and strong ties to the local community makes them an unmatched asset as no one else knows the area, the people or the landscape like they do.

Over the last few months, we have had the distinguished pleasure of working with Chrissy and her team of highly experienced and knowledgeable staff. From the moment we began working together, Chrissy and her team made sure that every\ touch base call, every lookbook, every menu, every budget, and every itinerary seamless and even more beautiful than we could have imagined. They created an entire trip that was the most perfect marriage of adventure and education all while upholding the message of sustainability in every booking and excursion. The team took our concepts and built them into existence; folding in local Byron fare and flair at every turn. The end result? An authentic trip that echoed our precise desires and showcased the natural beauty of Byron Bay…and that was all before we set foot in Australia. Chrissy and team worked with us from 8,000 miles away to ensure that our and they did so on a timetable that best accommodated our schedule – often working on their weekends and early mornings to be available for our typical office hours.

To say they are a dream just doesn’t seem to do their work justice. In addition to designing stunning and simply remarkable events; Chrissy and her team curate adventures and experiences that are guaranteed to become cherished memories. Clients will love Chrissy’s soothing demeanor, brilliant ideas and her natural ability to curate a vision that is unparalleled to anything guests have experienced before. Her work knows no bounds; whether she’s designing an intimate dinner for 12 or a bustling bash for hundreds, Chrissy and her team produce a magical event that far exceeds expectations and absolutely turns their clients’ wildest dreams into reality.

Miriam Stevens

Chasen Creative Media, Los Angeles

Hi Chrissy

You have been a delight to work with and have always been a great supporter for our ventures over the years. Thank you.

We wish you all the very best for the future.


Chairman & Co-founder, Brookfarm

Christina Caplice is a true industry professional. I had the pleasure of first meeting Christina whilst I was a guest at Byron at Byron and I was instantly drawn to her professionalism, warmth and friendly nature. Since our first meeting, Christina and I formed a strong bond and continued working on customer service, associate development, and brand awareness within the industry. Christina has the ability to interact, understand, and tailor her service to each and every guest and this is a remarkable talent that I know she holds in the highest regard.

Alicia Denning

Resident Manager, Palazzo Versace Gold Coast